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This web site deals with all the Bothas in Southern Africa.

Each of the Web Pages below deal with a definitive part of the history and/or background of these families as well as certain sections which the author either found interesting or frustrating in completing. Simply place your cursor on the topic in the table below and click on it.

The intention is to eventually have a complete listing of the Botha ancestors.

In order to have a comprehensive listing, a request is made to all people who have researched their Botha ancestors to please forward your research relating to the Botha names, surnames and the relevant dates to the author for inclusion in the Register.
AFRIKAANS word nie meer onderhou nie

ORIGINS - MAPS AND SHORT HISTORY Where the two original progenitors ("stamvaders") came from and some background on their country and specific areas of birth.
EARLY HISTORY IN SOUTH AFRICA The background to the name change from Both/Bode to Botha and the slow migration of Bothas throughout Southern Africa.
ANCESTORS OF S.A. PROGENITORS Going further back to c.1300.
BOTHA DESCENDANTS GENEALOGY - The BOTHA REGISTER showing all the Botha's that has been entered to date.
MIGRATION OF LARGE GROUPS Treks to other parts of the World - Namibia, Angola, Argentinaia, etc.
BOTHA/BLAKE FAMILY TREE Ancestors of the author's children.
COAT OF ARMS The shield of the Bothas.
BOTHA's OF NOTE IN HISTORY The famous and infamous, including some of the wives.
PECULIAR BOTHA APPELLATIONS Some very interesting items with a Botha name attached to it.
INFORMATION SOURCES Background, information and resources required to compile a similar website and a Register.
RESEARCH IDEAS Some less thought of items of importance to assist in sorting out the family lineage.
OWN FAMILY RESEARCH How to go about doing your own family research.

  Please send any information, comments or suggestions to:
snail mail Joe Botha, P.O. Box 1840, Faerie Glen, 0043, SOUTH AFRICA

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