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The surname of BOTHA in South Africa is derived from two progenitors ("stamvaders").

The first progenitor, Friedrich Both came from Germany, whilst the second, Samuel Friedrich Bode, although he came from Germany, is believed to have migrated there from France.

All of the following information of the two progenitors were obtained by Foreign Researchers and we can only accept their information at face value. Some of the informatiuon is very well known and others still need to proven over a period of time.

The question still arises . . . . . . . where did the Botha's come from ?

The only way is really to continue the pursuit of surnames and that will lead you to the eventual end. The main problem with this is that many of the records that is required is either written in a language that is difficult to understand or that the records or books/records have deteriotated to such an extent that they are close to disintegration.

I want to refer you to the section below on this web page where the Friedrich BOTH research is already at the year 1317. This research should go further back to confirm the real "homeland".


I Friedrich BOTH, * 4 March 1653, at Wangenheim, Germany and christened on the same day. † 1717 in Cape Town, South Africa.

        married Maria Kickers * 1662, † 1723

II Michael BOTH, * 1630, † 1680

        married Susanna Elisabeth SAULUS * 1630
        Married on 24 February 1648 in the Lutheran Church at Wangenheim.

III Johannes Jurgen Hans Casper BOTH, * 1595, † 1642
        Owned a 4.5 Hufen farm (about 100 morgen) at Westhausen, 4,5 km. due east of Wangenheim, from where he supplied the royal family at Wangenheim with horses for their coaches.      
        He also had a number of grooms working for him.

        married Catrijn MATER *1599 † 1650

IV Pieter BOTH, * 1568, † 1615

        married Sophia VAN DUVERDEN *1565, † 1630

V Hendrik du Poll BOTH, * 1541, † 1587

        married Elisabeth VAN DERSCHUER *1546

VI Hendrick Evertson BOTH, * 1514, † ?

        married Johanna Huibertsdr VAN DER BURG

VII Evert Gerrtszn BOTH, * 1466, † 1518

        married Geertruida SIMONS

VIII Gerrit Volkenszn BOTH, * 1440, † ?

        married Grietje Hendriksdr BOTTER

IX Volcken Evertszn BOTH, * 1420, † 1476

        married Wendelmoed *1476

X Evert Volckenszn BOTH, * 1380, † ?

        married Wendelmoed Hermansdr CAIRMAN

XI Volcken BOTH, * 1350, † ?

        married Anthonia Goedensdr

XII Goede JANSZN, * 1317, † ?

        married Evertgen BOTH

General Request

Searching for a town about 20 km. south of Leipzig by the old name of Botha, which presently could be Rötha or Rütha. If anyone has any information, please forward to the author.


I Samuel Friedrich BODE, * c. 1730, in Lüneburg, Germany. † 20 July 1791 in South Africa.

        married Anna Elizabeth DELPORT * 1734, † 2 May 1812

II Johann Samuel Friedrich BODE, * 1701

        married Johanna Catharina BODE * 1706


      Samuel Friedrich BODE leaves Hannover in 1766 to go to Amsterdam to join the VOC.

      According to legend the family is believed to have migrated from France (as Hugenots) possibly to the Netherlands and then to Germany.
      The surname changed from Boudier (France) and to Boodjee (Netherlands) and then to Bode (Germany) and finally to Botha (South Africa).

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