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The surname of BOTHA in South Africa is derived from two progenitors ("stamvaders"). The first progenitor, Friedrich Both came from Germany, whilst the second, Samuel Friedrich Bode, although he came from Germany, is believed to have migrated there from France.

The Coats of Arms of both the Bothas differ and only the one for Friedrich Both is shown below.

In terms of strict heraldic rules, each person should have his own crest. A child will make up his crest by combining those of his father and his mother. He will further enhance it with his own experience. It follows therefor that no two persons should have the same crest.

What we have now is almost a "group" coat of arms.


Friedrich Both was born on 4th March 1653 in Wangenheim, about 8 kilometers (5 miles) north west of Gotha (50.57° Latitude, 10.41° Longitude), in the Province of Thuringia in the duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (see Origins - Maps and Short History).

The coat of arms in silver has a black eagle with the beak and talons in gold, on each wing a black bird. It was designed in 1945.

From "Die Groot Afrikaanse Familienaamboek" under Books Researched.

The above and an alternative is also shown by GISA on their web site:

From Coats-of-Arms of South African families.


Samuel Friedrich Bode was born in 1730 in Lüneburg (53.15° Latitude, 10.23° Longitude), Germany (see Origins - Maps and Short History).

There is no coat of arms shown for Samuel Friedrich Bode. One of his descendants, Colin Graham Botha, Chief Archivist of the Union of South Africa, registered a Coat of Arms and may only be used by his descendants.

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