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BOTHA REGISTER - 18 074 Individuals from both progenitors
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Since the early twentieth century the "popular" surnames have remained remained reasonably constant in order of the magnitude of the number of people using them. The most popular surname in South Africa is Jacobs, followed quite closely by Botha and then Smith then Van der Merwe. According to the 1970 census the numbers were:

Jacobs 95 000
Botha 90 000
Smith 85 000
Van der Merwe 75 000

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D&P Genealogies of Old South African Families by de Villiers & Pama
GAN "Genealogieë van die Afrikaner Families in Natal" by B. Cilliers
H&L South African Genealogies by Heese & Lombard
~ Christened
* Born
x Married
Date of Death
c. circa or approximately
so son of
do daughter of

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The numbering system used is the one most commonly used in South Africa. The progenitor ("stamvader") of a particular family surname in South Africa is given the number "a", although the number generally does not appear if only one person of a given surname came to South Africa. Where two or more people came to this country with the same surname they would be numbered according to the date of arrival. Thus, Friedrich Both is numbered a1 and Samuel Friedrich Bode is numbered a2.

The children would be numbered "b" according to their birth order, the eldest would be "b1", the second eldest would be "b2" and so on. The grandchildren would be "c" using the same numeric system for the age of the children. The great grandchildren would be "d" and so the numbering system continues.

The numbering system for daughters are according to the rules described above. Their children are numbered according to the male line. It is therefor obvious that a mother's Genealogical Reference would be different from her children.

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Whenever the information could be obtained, the children of the Botha daughters are also shown even though their married surnames are not Botha. If available, the parents of their husbands are also shown.

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