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THE FAMOUS AND INFAMOUS   -   Listing in alphabetical order and a short descriptive paragraph.

C.G. Botha
Chief Archivest of Union of SA
Colin Graham Botha *18830815 Knysna, †19730201; Chief Archivest of Union of SA; first Grand Master of the Free Masons in SA; known as colonel Graham Botha, commanding officer of Duke of Edinburgh's Own Rifles; married three times; 2 sons and a daughter
SA Genealogical Reference  -  a2b2c10d7

General Louis Botha
Boer War leader and Prime Minister
Louis Botha *18620927 district Greytown Natal, ~18630705 Greytown, †19190826; Boer General; 1910 First Premier of the Union of South Africa; x 18861213 Annie Frances Bland EMMETT (do John Cheere EMMETT & Helen Laetitia BLAND 3 sons, 2 daughters)
SA Genealogical Reference  -  a1b1c7d2e3f1g2h9

PW Botha
SA State President (1984-1989)
Pieter Willem Botha *19160112 Paul Roux, Prime Minister (1978-1984) and first executive State President (1984-1989) of South Africa x 19430313 A E ROUSSOUW
SA Genealogical Reference  -  a1b1c7d4e10f5g1h3i5

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