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Some less thought of items of importance to sort out the family lineage.

Godparents and other witnesses at christenings.
It was custom amongst the Afrikaner families to have quite a few witnesses inscribed in the Church Registers as witnesses at a christening, in some cases even up to eight names. These people were invariably family in one way or another; they could be the parents, brothers, sisters or in-laws. In finding a name in the registers it is almost essential to also list the witnesses as they are additional leads in establishing the family connections and almost as an important addition as the names of the parents in the Register.

South Africa's naming system for their children.
In order to establish the parents of a particular person, it is usually handy to have the names of all the children. The naming system generally followed the same pattern in SA with few exceptions:

First son - named after Paternal Grandfather
Second son - named after Maternal Grandfather
Third son - named after Father
First daughter - named after Maternal Grandmother
Second daughter - named after Paternal Grandmother
Third daughter - named after Mother
From the fourth son and daughter - Generally named after brothers and sisters of the parents in turn

Tax and census rolls completed in the Cape Province before 1900.
The "opgaafrolle" were completed so as to establish the taxes due to the Government of the day. It also acted as a census roll and gave certain information relating to the family, their whereabouts and assets. In many instances it gives the name of the father e.g. Frederik Willem-Zn, which indicates that Frederik is the son of Willem. The "opgaafrolle" is thus an additional tool to assist in the search for ones's ancestors.

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